everyone stop what you are doing and watch this vine rIGHT NOW

Omgerd Naomi is sooo cute!!

Well today I was following (god dammint I wasnt stalking no matter what my class mates say, okay) and she turned ‘round so fast when I was behind her and her boobs omg!  Went right into my face!!  She said sorry but she didn’t have to !!  She said we had to get ready for the party. So then I went to the lady’s room and pulled on my uniform out of my bag to change out of my pe gear. God it stank in there. Someone could DIE in there just from the smell.





What you get when you watch this video:

  • The catchiness of Blurred Lines while maintaining your self-respect
  • An education!

I love this video because

a) it takes the catchy tune of a disgrace of a song and turns it into something glorious

b) includes the line “Get out of the gene pool” and any song with that line deserves everything

we should make this more popular than blurred lines



A superb fuck-ton of clothing references.

Obviously two of the images are too large to see on tumblr (because tumblr’s an asshole, sometimes), so simply reverse-image search ‘em and click on the largest size. The one on the left is quite helpful for cloth in general, and the one on the right is just for creating lace.

[From various sources]